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Rich in softening and protective Shea butter, this soap’s creamy Geranium scented lather gently cleanses the skin gives instant glow from first wash you can feel the difference on your skin.

Inspired by the traditional recipe from master soap makers, Jiore has formulated this soap with an extra-gentle vegetable base.

Shea Butter benefits both dry skin that is naturally low in oils and flaky–and skin temporarily dehydrated by air conditioning, climate, aggressive products or diuretics. Shea Butter addresses both conditions by supporting the health of the hydrolipidic film that helps skin maintain its natural defenses.

Geranium essential oil helps restore balance to congested and mature skin. Blended with pure essential oils this bar provides natural antioxidants, strengthens and tones tissues.

Organic oatmeal helps to soothe skin and restore pH balance.


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